Corona Extra & Summer make Winter jealous

Summer is coming* and it’s not to everyone’s liking.

Corona Extra just launched a fresh TV Campaign called “Dear Summer” and as you probably guessed it’s inspired by the seasons.

corona extra summerThis brand new spot created by the agency The Community is narrated by Winter itself – personnified in a voiceover by a charming old man. In the video Winter complains to Summer about all the things that make this warm season great: barbecues, bikinis, bonfires and even “your own beer”.

Good guess again, Winter is talking about Corona Extra. No need to brag though, it wasn’t that hard.

But Winter isn’t bitter since he offers Summer to hang out to bring the best of both worlds: the beer and the ice.

Not groundbreaking but nice enough to make us want drink a fresh Corona on the beach. And if you fancy practicing la lengua de Cervantes, the spot is available in Spanish.

“P.S. Fall says hi.”

Corona Extra
*we had to.

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