Tsingtao’s Bottoms-up Bottles

Who could have ever guessed we would one day be able to drink a beer from the bottom?

Tsingtao, the number one beer in Mainland China came up with an innovative idea (with the help of DDB Group Shanghai): to turn the beer bottle upside down.

Tsingtao bottoms up bottle ALL ABOUT DRINKS

WHY ON EARTH WOULD WE DO THAT? Because no, this is not a joke.

Well, according to the agency several surveys apparently revealed that when Chinese people drink, they most of the time like to go “GAN BEI!”, which means “Bottom-up!”. But the thin neck and small opening of the traditional green bottle seem to make the process a bit difficult since the beer comes out too slow.

With this new design, Chinese people are now able to bottom-up their Tsingtao properly. Indeed, this new bottle “has been created to encourage people to enjoy happy hours with friends drinking their favorite beer.”

The “Bottoms-up” campaign will be presented by DDB Shanghai at Cannes Lions this year. Alright but…umm, how are they supposed to put the bottle down?
Guess it’s just another way to make them drink quicker.

Tsingtao Bottoms up


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