Enajenatorium, Hendrick’s theatre show

A few weeks ago we told you about Hendrick’s latest crazy invention to increase its visibility in the USA: The Flying Cucumber.

The gin brand has created a universe for itself, made of eccentricity and unusual consumer experiences. Instead of creating experiment around the brand, Hendrick’s plays with the experiences and feelings of consumers to create operations that people will undoubtedly remember.

But Hendrick’s gin has pushed the experiment even further with The Enajenatorium Theatre Show.


The show took place last month in Madrid and Barcelona (taking advantage of the huge popularity of the gin category in Spain) and was quite unusual, like Hendrick’s universe itself.

In partnership with the agency FCB Spain, the iconic gin brand developed an interactive play where the audience interacted with actors and elements of the show. After months of work, they imagined a range of characters that embodied the brand’s spirit.

Hendrick’s collaborated with psychologists, neurologists, hypnotists and professional screenwriters to create the perfect play that would manipulate the viewers’ mental. The hero of the play, the mysterious Doctor H, told his story in front of 30 spectators and put their senses to the test with the sole objective of making them lose their minds.

But that’s not all. To promote the branded-content show, Hendrick’s introduced each characters of the play on the different Social Media platforms, which was a success as it reached more than 2,5 millions of impacts in Social Media and tickets were sold out in no time!

Once again, Hendrick’s gin proves its originality in marketing experiments, completely in step with its unique image.

Don’t be sad because you missed it: due to its sucess, the show will run for 3 more months in Barcelona and Madrid!

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