Edelweiss, Délices nés dans les Alpes

Hello French (and not French) Fella.

If you are a wheat beer connoisseur, you will for sure love what’s coming.

We’ve recently been talking a lot about international news, UK, Brazil, and even US. But no, we haven’t forgotten our motherland.

We might even be a bit jealous of you, being part of the launch of the new Heineken range: Edelweiss.

If this name rings a bell, it’s probably because you saw it in bars, bistros, or special shops, where the original beer has already been available for few years, competiting with the famous Hoegaarden or traditional 1664 Blanche.

Today it is not one, but three bottles that are launched on the French market, featuring the original and two surprising flavours: mixed berries and elderflower as well as citrus zest and honey.



An outdoor campaign has just been launched this week, highlighting the freshness of this new range of delicious beers “Born in the Alps”, edelweiss actually being a white mountain flower.

The perfect drink for warm sunny days.

edelweiss poster

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