Fizzics transforms your random beer into a premium beer

It looks like a famous coffee machine but it’s not.


This curious invention is a draught beer-tapping machine that will make your beer taste better.

Fizzics is a battery-powered countertop machine that aims to provide the exact taste and aroma the brewer intended. Using “high-frequency sound waves and oscillation”, the machine creates a dense, intense and long-lasting head (the bubbles on top of the beer) and consistent carbonation and distribution that makes pouring easier.


The machine is compatible with most of the beer cans and bottles but it is highly recommended to use cold beer (duh!). The pouring happens in two times: you flip the tap forward to pour the beer and once your glass is almost full, you flip the tap backward to get the thick foam out of the machine. Just like that, your low price beer will become an exceptional beverage!

This innovation has a cost though: 119$ for pre-orders (hey, we’re talking exceptional-quality beer!). More information here.

So, useless gadget or revolutionary invention for the beer industry? We’d like one, just to try, from a purely scientific point of view…

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