Champions League: Unlock your door with an Heineken

Saturday is a big day for football fans.
Saturday is the Champions League final featuring Juventus vs Barcelona.

You might already know what team you’re supporting but you might noheineken door lock champions leaguet know what you’re gonna bring to your mate’s place (you know, the one who has the big TV).
Luckily for you Heineken has the answer, well: Heineken.

In Brazil, the beer brand has developed a special door lock that allows your guests in, or not.
The solution to go in? Having brought Heineken.

The brand, helped by the agency Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo, has created this connected lock that only oppens with a bottle of Heineken beer.
Replacing a traditional ring bell, it will open the door by scanning the green bottle.

A competition has been thrown on Heineken’s dedicated website to win 5 door locks. Brazilian participants had to submit a group of friends who have planned to watch the match together. The more likes they got, the more chances to win this funny device.

A real incentive for guests to bring Heineken or just a way to make them go somewhere else?!

We’ll watch it in a pub anyway.


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