Towards wine and weed pairing?

Before starting, we would like to remind you that you shouldn’t smoke weed.

That said, let’s focus on the news: a sommelier has suggested wine and weed pairing, just like we already pair our food with wine to educate and/or promote certain wines.

Ben Parsons, owner of the Infinite Monkey Theorem urban winery in Denver declared to The Cannabist that he was likely to host wine and marijuana paring dinners in his establishment.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem urban winery, Denver

The Infinite Monkey Theorem urban winery, Denver

The idea is not new in the USA where a growing number of states are legalizing marijuana. A cannabis cocktail trend has appeared, along with cannabis wines developed by the singer Melissa Etheridge and aimed at people suffering from cancer.

Jake Browne, who writes tasting notes on cannabis, has declared in an interview with The New York Times that “in the same way that Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir may sound similar but are completely different, names like Lemon OG and Lemon Skunk are very different strains with very different flavor components and completely different highs.”

In Denver (Colorado), where the Class C drug has been legal since January, The Infinite Monkey Theorem winery is in talks to make these dinners legal. Facing the fact that cannabis is becoming more and more mainstream, Ben Parsons said that “the potential for developing THC-infused wines and a whole other recreational experience is certainly of interest to me as a winemakerIt’s inevitable that certain strains, growers and cannabis brands will gain notoriety in the same way that varietals and winemakers have done over the years.”

The Infinite Monkey Theorem urban winery, Denver

The Infinite Monkey Theorem urban winery, Denver

In fact, according to specialized website The Cannabist, weed will eventually become accepted just like wine has a long time ago. There is a “new subculture of cannabis connoisseurs” driven by no less than 1,356 strains of the drug. The target audience for weed and wine pairing will definitely be smaller than for food and wine but there is no doubt it will grow with legalization.

This happened after another US sommelier, Paul Yanon, has also spoken about the potential of weed and wine pairing, saying that “we’re in a really interesting place in the perception and evolution of marijuana. Something that has been enjoyed in the privacy of people’s homes is slowly making it into the mainstream, and it doesn’t have to be a secret anymore. There’s a lot of pairings that just don’t work, so it’s really about trial and error.”

So weed and wine lovers, you know what you have to do if you want to try this surprising pairing: go to Denver’s coolest winery!

You didn’t hear it from us 😉

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