Get you profile pic done by Grolsch

Tired of your boring profile picture? Want to impress your friends? Or just be part of a cool campaign?
Well Grolsch is here for you.

The famous beer brand has just launched a new part of its 400 years celebration campaign and it is… an “Original Profile Picture Competition”.

What is it really?
Grolsch has collaborated with UK art collective Graffiti Life to create 400 profile pictures for the brand’s fans. The collective has been chosen by the brand for its own distinct style, delivering the finest grafittis and street art “embodying the spirit of originality we applaud at Grolsch”.

As so, Grolsch will be rewarding fans with a personalised, unique portrait over the next few weeks.

Grolsch Profile Picture

All you have to do is to share your picture in the comment section of one of the related brand’s Facebook posts, or tweet it to @Grolsch_UK with the hashtag #Grolsch400.
400 pictures will be chosen at random and Graffiti Life’s artists will transform them into original digital portraits.

You still have almost a month to choose your favourite photo, since the competition closes on 24th June.

Put your best smile on your face, the game is on.

All the details here


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