Astra: the girl detection billboard

It’s a fact, most of beer brands’ ad campaigns are speaking directly to guys leaving a whole target group aside: women.

Yet, women drink beer. They do, trust me.

Astra, one of Germany’s best-known beer brand just took a step forward to change that and developed the first digital illuminated billboard to solely talk to woman.

Astra’s objective?
Inspiring women to drink beer and make them feel more included in the current manly beer advertising world.

A digital billboard with a built-in camera and the latest in gender detection software has been installed outside of a pub in Hamburg, engaging women through 70 pre-shot videos messages.

ASTRA girl detection

The large number of videos, featuring the comedian Uke Boss, makes it possible to react to pretty much all kind of situations, even underaged girls or men, who are prompted to keep walking.

Among the pre-recorded humourous messages we can find “Finally beer advertising that speaks to women”or “Wanna drink and Astra with me?”
Find out more in the video below!

We talked last week about Foster’s UK that has just stopped its famous Good Call campaign in order to make it move away from a too laddish campaign alienating women from drinking beer. So the question is, who’s next?


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