Do The Damme with Coors Light

Jean-Claude Van Damme is back sporting his epic mullet and it’s worth seeing!

You surely remember when the one and only Jean-Claude Van Damme built an ice-bar for Coors Light couple of months ago? Well he apparently put it to good use and has created a number of his own ice-cold moves in a routine he calls ‘Do The Damme’.

slippery salmon coors lightAfter weeks of practicing in his bar Van Damme is finally ready to unleash them upon the world in a new social media campaign for the beer brand.

In Coors Light latest spot Jean-Claude Van Damme is dancing around the bar on his own, showing some of his best dance moves, including ‘The slippery salmon’ or ‘The nipple ripple’ (being our favourite so far).

Nipple ripple coors light

Van Damme is then inviting viewers to participate in a dance battle by uploading a video of their own finest moves on Coors Light Facebook page with the hashtag #DoTheDamme.

BUT, if you’re more a writer than a dancer you can also be part of the game by submitting potential names for Van Damme’s dance moves. Can you challenge ‘The Frozen Turtle’?

You could be in chance of winning an illustration signed by the legendary Belgian actor.
A once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

Put your tutu on and go get’em tiger, it’s your time to shine.


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