The Chip and Champagne pop-up by Krug

Krug understands very well the importance of champagne and food paring.

After launching a champagne and crab pairing pop-up earlier this year, the premium champagne brand is now targeting another, more unconventional type of food: chips!

Tom-SellersFor this gourmet Krug & Chips pop-up bar, the brand is partnering with Michelin-starred chef Tom Sellers who owns the prestigious Restaurant Story. The chef has previously worked at the Noma in Denmark, voted this year’s best restaurant in the world (no less!).

Known for creating dishes that tell a story (thus the name Story of his restaurant), Tom Sellers has elaborated dishes inspired by the simple chip. So what will be on the menu? “Fish in chip” (a potato ravioli with fish in tartar sauce), lobster claws wrapped in potato spaghetti with tartar sauce, or monkfish cheek curry with matchstick fries. Good, now we’re hungry!

How does Krug come into play? Guests ordering one of the £35 menus will receive a flute of Krug Grande Cuvée.

Pretty fancy, right? The pop-up will take place in Covent Garden’s East Piazza from 8-12 July, for those who want to taste this fascinating combination!

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