Anty Gin, the gin made with… ants

No, you are not dreaming.
Yes, we were surprised as well.

It’s now possible to drink gin flavoured with “the essence” of ants, courtesy of The Cambridge Distillery and the Copenhagen-based Nordic Food Lab.Anty gin bottle

To create this world first gin made with insects, Will Lowe distiller, took around 6,000 red wood ants from the Kent woodland and immersed them in high strenght ethanol to distill the liquid.

In order to ensure quality of base alcohol, only 100% organic grown English wheat has been used for this one-of-a-kind gin, and every distillation is carried out just one litre a time.
Each bottle of Anty Gin, 700ml, contains the essence of approximately sixty-two wood ants.

The objective of this initiative is to open people’s eyes to the possibility of insects being used as a viable source of food and flavour’ said Will Lowe.
But ants are also known for their citrus flavour so it matches pretty well with gin-making!

The Cambridge Distillery created 99 bottles of Anty Gin for its first commercial batch, at a retail price of £200 GBP (€250) per bottle.

If you’re feeling as curious as we are, you can get your bottle here.

And here you’ve got a picture of the distillation process.
You’re welcome.

Anty Gin distillation


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