Absolut Nights inspire nightlife lovers

And show us how creative minds can transform the night.

It’s a fact, creativity is at the core of all that Absolut does and the brand keeps proving it with its latest campaign ‘Absolut Nights’.

Four cities. Four artists. Four nights transformed.

Combining design and nightlife the new spirit’s campaign – created by Sid Lee – showcases highlights of a serie of ‘Absolut nights’, parties hosted by the brand last year in Brooklyn, Berlin, Johannesburg and Sao Paolo that infused nightlife with unprecedented creativity thanks to one-of-a-kind artistic collaborations.

The results are a short film and TV commercial featuring the new single from Australian dance duo Empire of the Sun’s upcoming album, Welcome to my life. Remixed exclusively for Absolut!

‘Our music stems from our need to express our imagination, creativity and artistic vision,’ said Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore of Empire of the Sun. ‘We aim to make music that transcends and takes you to another dimension, creating an experience beyond the earth and out of the ordinary that sticks with you long after the night is over, much like Absolut Nights.’

The short film


absolut sparkAlways trying to inspire consumers to push nightlife conventions beyond their limits, Absolut also introduces a limited- edition illuminated “Spark” bottle with a light that shines through the bottom for up to eight hours.
It’s going to look good next to our Warhol bottle!

‘At Absolut, we believe in a world where there’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ night out,’ said Joao Rozario, VP of Marketing at Absolut.

One thing is for sure, Absolut knows how to party…

TV commercial
TV commercial


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