Corona brings the beach… into the bar!

It’s almost summer. And summer means beer. Corona, to be specific.

The Mexican beer has always been associated with beach and sun. That’s why AB InBev, owner of the brand, will launch a surprising experiential marketing campaign next summer.

The brand has teamed up with bars across the UK to create an atmosphere that will transport people to the beach: mood lighting, soundtracks of the sea and beach-inspired murals designed by artists… Everything to create warm and sunny “immersive environments” for customers. Bar staff will be trained to ensure a high level of hospitality and consumer engagement.


The experience will start at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, in East London and will continue in other bars.

The brand will also launch the “Corona SunSet sessions“, a series of exclusive music events in those same bars. The combination of sunset and DJ set will offer customers the “perfect sunset experience and establish the ideal mood for sun seekers”.

Outdoor advertising, PR and digital are yet to come to support this integrated marketing campaign.

So now you know what to do if you can’t escape London this summer!

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