Foster’s: Last call for Dan & Brad

The Australian beer Foster’s has just revealed that the two famous Aussie mates would no longer appear in the brand’s ad campaigns.
Sad day for beer lovers.

After 6 years helping out British men from their hut on the beach Dan & Brad made their final call this week on Channel 4. Not even really since they left to marry their respective fiancé – Dawn and Matilda – “before the phone bills arrive”.

The “Good Call” campaign running in the UK since 2009
has been really successful for the brand “driving 70% of sales revenue between 2012-2013” according to Foster’s. The campaign was even rewarded the Grand prix at the IPA Effectiveness Awards in 2014.

Why putting an end to this success?
Chief executive of SABMillers – which owns the brand outside Europe – said it was time to move away from a too “laddish” campaign, that alienated women from drinking beer.

While Heineken’s Brand Director – which owns the brand in the European market – wished “the two mates all the best in their married life”, “And whilst we’re sad to wave ‘hooroo’ to them for now, we’re excited for the next adventure for the Foster’s brand.”

The hooroo auction
If you’re not ready to say ‘hooroo’ to Dan & Brad it’s possible to buy one of the famous items used in the videos, including the “paddle of rebuke”, on Ebay starting tomorrow. Check-out the video below for the complete list:

And if you’re feeling nostalgic, here is our selection:

Blokes kissing blokes in France

Gentleman Fund Crisis ft. Paddle of Rebuke

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