Blind Pig, the “prohibition era” cider

A few days ago we were talking about a new cider brand with a modern and minimalist packaging: Sassy. Another new brand has appeared and it’s quite the opposite.

Instead of being modern-influenced, this cider is seeking inspiration in the Past. The prohibition era to be specific.


Blind Pig is the new creation of the Heineken group, completing a large portfolio of beers and ciders. In the 20’s, Blind Pig (also known as Blind Tiger or Speakeasies) was the name given to the underground drinking haunts providing alcohol.

blindThis cider is blended with spirits, made at a craft cidery in Belgium and available in three flavours: Whisky-Honey-Apple, Bourbon-Blueberry and Rum-Poached Pear. This trend has already taken off in beer (with Desperados for example) and Heineken hopes the same will happen with its cider.

Unlike its other brands, the world’s third largest brewer won’t spend huge amounts of money for an above the line marketing campaign, focusing on Instagram instead. Heineken marketing director Jacco van der Linden explains that he wants people to “discover” the brand.

In addition to the name, the packaging is also inspired by the prohibition era: the bottle is modelled on vintage American whisky bottles, comes wrapped in 20’s style US newspaper and sealed with illustrated stickers.

*whispering*  “I’ll have a Bourbon-Blueberry please!”

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