DeLeón tequila to the next leveL

The rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs (also known as P. Diddy) has many jobs on his CV: rapper, music producer, actor, dancer and… businessman. In 2013 he created “Combs Wine and Spirits” and bought the premium tequila brand DeLeón a year later, in partnership with Diageo.


Today, DeLeón is launching the “next level” marketing campaign, made of six 15-second videos of “intriguing content” aiming at millennial consumers with a “short attention span” (try to stay focus though, here comes the explanation).

Sean Combs points out that “today’s consumers – even those shopping luxury brands – want quick, enticing content. They’re busy, focusing on multiple screens at once, and have a short attention span. You have to capture them with the first beat. These spots are designed to do that, to stop them in their tracks.” Well thought-out in the era of smartphones and tablets where people pay less and less attention to commercials.

The videos created by the Blue Flame agency under P. Diddy’s creative direction feature music by blues artist Muddy Waters (or by up-and-coming musician Naomi Scott). When asked about the music choice, the rapper says that it had to “draw the consumer in. Muddy Waters perfectly embodies the spirit of the campaign – soulful, powerful, arresting. His sound defined the roots of American music, and it has so much depth, like DeLeón.”

The “next level” is DeLeón’s first full-scale marketing campaign and will be both available on the Internet and social media and on television with ads set to air during the final season of Mad Men. Not a random choice as the show’s viewers are also DeLeón’s target audience.

Unlike Justin Timberlake who didn’t hesitate to dress like a lime to promote his tequila brand, P. Diddy decided to stay behind the camera. But between humor and estheticism, which singer is going to win the battle of premium tequila? All bets are off!

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