The wine and pizza pairing app

You love pizza (who doesn’t?). You also love wine (don’t be shy, we do too).

The real question is: what kind of wine should you drink with your pizza?

To answer that question for you, the website Vine Pair developed The Wine & Pizza Pairing App.


Pretty simple to use: you click on the kind of pizza you’re eating, the kind of wine you want to drink (red or white) and you get the right variety to drink with your food.

Let’s say you’re in the mood for an Hawaiian pizza (pineapple and ham) and a white wine. With three clicks, the app recommends you a Riesling (or Prosecco if you want bubbles), perfectly paired with the pineapple.

There you go: instead of a boring pizza night in front of the TV, you get a fancy diner that would make the Cheese & Wine lovers green with envy!

We sure are going to try it!

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