Sassy, the modern cider

Cider is not the sexiest alcohol that exists. That’s why Sassy stands out from traditional cider brands.

This new brand recently launched by two French friends is indeed quite different to other ciders. The idea is simple: bring back cider to the front scene with an authentic product and a minimalist packaging.


The entrepreneurs Xavier and Pierre-Emmanuel both come from Normandy, known to be the best cider region of France. These two businessmen understood perfectly well the current trend that advocates the return to tradition: their quality cider is 100% natural and locally produced. Nothing is added to the apples and this alcohol is gluten-free.

The other well-controlled marketing aspect in this product is the packaging. Trendy and simple, with a modern typography, a classy logo and the name in English instead of French, you wouldn’t guess it’s a cider bottle.

One thing is certain: we love the name!

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