Sol helps you find your Espiritu Libre

No, this bouquet isn’t a mistake and yes, we’re going to talk about beer…
It’s just how Sol has chosen to celebrate free spirits with its new campaign “Local heroes”.

The beer’s new campaign – that embodies the brand’s “Espiritu Libre” – has just kicked off and aims at celebrating the independant mind of those who have left behind their careers to follow their own path closer to the arts.

To do so short films will be launched in the upcoming weeks showcasing several retailers around the globe who have started their own artisant brand.

The first video puts a couple and their company Petalon in the spotlight.

He runs a bicycle manufacturing business, she is a florist and together they launched Petalon, a flower delivery service around London. The idea is based on the fact that cycling in London is quicker, cheaper and greener so why not associating both and deliver flowers by bike?

“Inspire more people to do what they love”

In this campaign each “Local hero” is paired up with a street artist who will represent his or her story through a piece of art. Florence and James Kennedy from Petalon have partnered up with the artist Best Ever who created a really nice piece summing up their experience.

SOL Local Heroes
“Local Heroes is celebrating these independent minds again but taking it a step further by bringing to life their ‘espiritu libre’ in a unique way with one-of-a-kind street art – making these guys into icons in their local community,” Dave Shoemack, Global Manager at Sol.

Let’s wait and see future videos for inspiration, they might give us some ideas…we’ve always wanted to run our own brewery.



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