Fàilte Dùsgadh

Hello Dùsgadh, and welcome to the world of whisky

The famous Scotch Single malt Ledaig just released its brand new whisky LeLedaig 42daig 42YO and his name is Dùsgadh.

Dù-what? We agree, a bit hard to say. But this new “robust” and “smokey” whisky actually means “awakening” in Scot’s Gaelic to reflect its long, dormant period of maturation on the Isle of Mull at Tobermory Distillery, one of the oldest commercial distelleries in Scotland.

What to expect?
With its “heavy intensity” and “distinctly rich and smoky flavour” Leidag 42 is an ideal digestif or accompaniment to a fine cigar, also best enjoyed neat.

Only 500 bottles of the whisky will be released for no less than £3,500 – better start saving for our next tasting.

More information on Ledaig42 over here: http://ledaig42.com


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