Justin Timberlake staring as a lime for Sauza 901

Ye901-bottles, that’s right, a lime. And you MUST watch it!

Justin Timberlake is both the owner and the face of the tequila Sauza 901 and he’s not afraid to sacrifice himself for the promotion of his brand.

In two videos released on the Internet for the Cinco de Mayo, the star uses humor to deliver a simple message: the triple distilled tequila Sauza 901 is so smooth compared to other tequila that you don’t need lime to drink it.

The first video is an announcement addressing a “recent report that Sauza 901 has essentially made limes obsolete”. Justin Timberlake, as a businessman, explains that he never intended to ruin the symbiotic relationship between tequila and limes and that his intent was to create a “super smooth premium tequila”.

The second video is a fake documentary in which Justin plays a lime called Rick “Sour” Vane, ex super star back in the days when tequila would always be consumed with lime. With a lime face (somewhat reminiscent of The Mask), the singer explains that before Sauza 901 came out, limes were invited in every clubs and life was easy.

In this clip that mocks documentaries, as if it was the retrospective of an old successful band now considered uncool, we see Rick “Sour” Vane partying with other limes, bragging about being more popular than oranges and maraschinos.

Apparently, Justin himself came up with the idea for these commercials. Most of the media think the concept is weird, we just think it’s brilliant!

Way to go Justin, your new career is on!

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