Do you know how Patrón tequila is made?

Tequila is this exquisite spirit that you may drink in shots late at night and regret it the day after.

But do you know how it’s made? 

The famous handcrafted brand Patrón had the brilliant idea of showing us the inside of its distillery, using oculus gear technology, providing us impressive virtual reality experience.

PatronBeeTequila_logo_BWThe short film titled ‘The Art of Patrón Virtual Reality Experience’ shows the whole tequila production process from a bee’s perspective (the brand’s symbol).

We follow the bee through the Hacienda Patrón distillery in the Highlands of Jalisco (Mexico), starting in agave fields and ending in oak casks before being bottled by actual Patrón employees.

For this Digital Marketing project, the brand teamed up with the agency Firstborn. According to Lee Applbaum, global chief marketing officer at Patrón Spirits, innovation is in the heart of the brand’s values. He added that “while many brands are utilizing virtual reality largely for entertainment”, Patrón is using it as a “unique educational tool, to give an immersive, behind -the-scenes look into the artisanal process of making our handcrafted tequila.”

Makes you want to go to Mexico and check out this tequila yourself, right?

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