An unexpected (yet exciting) mix

Did you say “yummy”?

You probably know Ben & Jerry’s for their delicious ice cream (no need to introduce the Cookie Dough flavour anymore). But forget everything you know: the Unilever ice cream maker is teaming up with New Belgium Brewery  to create the Salty Caramel Brownie Brown Ale.

You’re not dreaming, it’s a beer!

This surprising limited edition will be launched next fall and will have delightfully sweet tasting notes of chocolate, slated-caramel and vanilla.ben and jerry beer

This unexpected co-branding is also good publicity for both companies, as all profits will be donated to “Protect Our Winters”, an association fighting against global warming in the mountains.

In fact, both Ben & Jerry’s and the US craft brewer (also known for its famous Fat Tire) are registered as “B Corporations, held to performance standards that measure its impact on workers, suppliers, communities and the environment”.

To support a great cause while having a drink? Sign us up!

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