The new Star of Bombay

Bombay has a new star, the Star of Bombay.

Bombay Sapphire recently announced the launch of a new super premium gin…

Star of Bombay was created to elevate the balance of the world famous Bombay Sapphire with two new additional botanicals and a slow distillation method to deliver a smooth and rich flavour experience.
star of bombay

Two new botanicals were added to the ten precious ones that lie at the heart of all Bombay Sapphire, naming gently dried Bergamot Orange Peel and aromatic Ambrette Seed. The idea with Star of Bombay was to “create a gin with an increased perception of the Bombay top-not aromatics.”
To do so Star of Bombay is sourcing those additions from moutains of Calabria in Southern Italy and Ecuador in South America, no less.

Talking about the bottle Star of Bombay stays in line with the already iconic features of the brand, including the concentric facets and the blue colour. The bottle is taller, slimmer and has a slight taper to the structure that allow it to stand out from its competitors in the super premium offering.

Travel retail is leading the launch of Star of Bombay, first-launch taking place in the new Sydney airport, gin being one of the “hottest categories” of Global Travel Retail according to the company.
For now count AUD $66 for a 1 litre bottle, or wait a bit more before this new gin is being rolled out globally. Should be a question of time!

Might be worth a quick trip to Australia.

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